Five Things You Should Know Before Hiring Someone From Lyndy Law LLP For Your DUI Case

Did you get slammed with a DUI charge in Portland? There are a few things you need to know about your DUI attorney Portland and your case before you agree to hire them.

Special Tips From Lundy Law LLP and Associates

1) You might be subjected to a DMB hearing. That is when they deal with your criminal history and driving record. That is what makes a DUI case in Portland unique. You will have ten days to submit an open request of what the DMV has on file. A more credible DUI attorney Portland has to offer can do that for you(ie. LUNDY Law LLP). They do that so you can challenge anything in your record that might be suspicious.

2) You will need to take a sobriety test(no matter how much you have had to drink). The officer has to offer you the test. You also have the right to refuse it. It is covered under the DUI laws in the state. You can contest this as part of the “evidence collected” if the officer on duty does not do that.

Will it be admissible in court?

That is something you will have to ask a more credible DUI attorney Portland has to offer about that.

3) Did you know that they can take away your license if you refuse the test? You will need to talk to a more credible DUI attorney Portland has to offer to find out the specifics( Ie. Lundy Law LLP).

4) There are DUI checkpoints throughout Portland. However, no officer can pull you over unless they have a pretty good suspicion that you have done something wrong. They are also required to follow the protocols if they do.

You can challenge their findings if you have reason to believe that they have exercised their rights beyond what they should. You will need to talk to your lawyer about that first.

5) Some cases do not make it to the courtroom. You may be one of the lucky ones. It depends on the severity of the crime, how busy they are, and whether or not you have a lawyer to help you.

Some cases get glossed over with nothing more than a simple penalty. It is important to follow every step, regardless of what happens.

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